This is a quiz that will tell you which Weegee or Fakegee you're most like. Each choice will add points to your score, and the score will effect your outcome. So, try it out! Post your results in the comments section. 

What is your favorite color?

  • Red (1 point)
  • Green (3 points)
  • Cyan or Blue (6 points)
  • Orange (7 points)
  • Pink (9 points)
  • Purple (11 points)
  • Yellow (13 points)
  • None of the above (15 points)

What is your favorite food?

  • Something spicy (1 point)
  • Spaghetti/pasta (3 points)
  • Meat (4 points)
  • Ice cream (7 points)
  • Pizza (9 points)
  • Tacos (3 points)
  • Legumes, nuts (11 points)
  • Vegetables (12 points)
  • Other (15 points)

If you had an animal part, what would it be?

  • Lungs or nose (1 point)
  • Eyes (4 points)
  • Brain (4 points)
  • Teeth or bones (5 points)
  • Claws or talons (7 points)
  • Skin or scales (11 points)
  • Ears (10 points)
  • Feet or hands (10 points)
  • Something else (15 points)

What is your favorite animal?

  • Dinosaur (2 points)
  • Other reptile (10 points)
  • Mammal, such as a dog or a whale (9 points)
  • Bird (6 points)
  • Other (15 points)

If you saw an enemy coming towards you, what would you do?

  • Transform or hypnotize him (2 points)
  • Throw stuff at him (3 points)
  • Kill him (5 points)
  • Beat him up (12 points)
  • Something else (16 points)


  • Shupa Malleo by theMarioBrother-1-7-8: Malleo. You are most like Malleo since you like red, and hot things. You'd make good friends with him if you obey him. 
  • Meegee9-11: Meegee. You are most like Meegee. This may put you in trouble with Sqeegee, so if you see a squid with Weegee's face, RUN! You might also be like Meegee's brother Lalleo
  • Guiyii12-13: Guiyii. You are most like Guiyii. You might not get a seizure if he attacks you, and you could be a friend of him.
  • 110px-Weegee14-17: Weegee. What a honor! You look up to the great and mighty Weegee, and Weegee will simply turn you into a Fakegee instead of a Weegee clone. Good job!
  • Fortran or Ragamiicho: 18-27: Fortran or Ragamiicho. You are like those people. Good for you! Fortran and Ragamiicho are famous! 
  • Greegee2: 27-31: Greegee. You are like one of the most famous Fakegees! What an honor. Would you like to become a greature?
  • IMG 20150723 16014032-44: LriGee. Hmm, you are most like LriGee, a Fakegee who is rising in popularity. Good for you!
  • Waweegee45-57: Waweegee. You are most like Weegee's rival, Waweegee. Hmm. You won't get along with Weegee very well, and that's bad news...
  • Walleo58-70: Walleo. You are most like Walleo (or Garbon). You won't get along with Malleo...
  • Sawnfehld71 or higher: Someone else. You aren't like Malleo, Meegee, Guiyii, Weegee, Greegee, LriGee, Waweegee, or Walleo. You might be like a random or obscure fakegee, but not one of the other Fakegees. 

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