Toon Weenee

Toon Weenee.

Angry Weenee

Weenee when he's angry.

Weenee is a mockery of Weegee that has all the powers of weenies and weiners.
  • He loves hot dogs and becomes temporarily invincible if he eats one
  • He loves pee and becomes temporarily invincible if he drinks it
  • Shoots sausages
  • Squirts pee
  • Has a weiner dog for a pet
  • Has two brothers named Weewee and Peenee
  • His father is Fatran

Weenee was the leader of the Squadron of Pee until he was killed by Weewee in the Squadron of Pee War, and Peegee took over. Weenee was then revived into Weenee II. He was soon put back into his regular self though.

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