Were you looking for the main rules?

Welcome To WeegChat! Hello! Remember to listen to the rules. If you don't, you may get banned.

  1. Absolutely no spamming
  2. You may not swear in other languages unless if you make it clear that it is a swear.
  3. Do not call an admin anything offensive.
  4. No impersonating people while in chat.
  5. Absolutely no suicidal drama. That creates tension between users if someone expresses suicidal drama. We will report any suicidal drama to Wikia.
  6. Do not excessively use caps. That is considered yelling or being loud.
  7. You must have a decent level of maturity.
  8. You may not advertise other wikis or other Wikia chats in open chat.
  9. Do not use racial slurs. You will be punished.

* You will be given a warning before any bans.

  1. Do not abuse your powers.
  2. You must follow all of the main chat rules.

  1. You must make it known what wikia user you are (whether that be by name or just saying it whenever someone asks)
  2. Use the proper channels (such as the bots channel for using bots)
  3. Don't fight over queue space when in music channels. Everyone gets their turn. If you want your own music, either play it on your own computer, or make your own music bot.
  4. Main Chat Rules apply here