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"Shut up or I'll stab you, Text_will_be_replace_with_username!"

- Weebee

Weebee is a long-lost, somewhat distant cousin of Weegee. He is also known for being Mabbio's youngest brother, the other being Labbio. He is the founder current head of Weebee's Army, as well as a former president of the United 'Bees Republic.


Baby Weebee

Weebee as a baby.

Weebee was born about a year after his older brothers, Mabbio and Labbio were born. Throughout most of his early childhood and later life, Weebee would not see his brother Labbio for long periods of time.

Shortly after being born, Weebee and his brother were kidnapped by an unknown assailant. The two would later be rescued thanks to the help of Yawschee, but not before Weebee was cast some strange magical spell. There is much speculation on what this spell is, but due to the fact that its effects haven't seem to surfaced, nobody knows what type of spell it was, or if the spell was just a rumor spread by Rumorgee.


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