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Waweegee is Walleo's brother, and a frenemy to Weegee. He is extremely cocky and rude to everyone he meets which makes a lot of people despise him. He also steals and scams people for their money and constantly manages to find all kinds of schemes that somehow work. Although, he paid the price when he decided to try to cheat in a casino and ended up getting killed by Snipeegee.

He also has a fondness for Weegeemon, and is especially fond of Weegeekyu.


Waweegee is the Weegee version of Waluigi. As such, he has the stiff appearance of a Geeman, but features of Waluigi like his nose and mustache.

Joining the LoW

One day, Waweegee heard that his brother got revived by Un Ded and is now a member of the Anti-Weegee Alliance. Waweegee went to their HQ to see his brother, but Walleo's new form, Walleo II, had no memory of him. This made Waweegee angry and he knew he had to do something about it. Waweegee decided to sneak into The Anti-Weegee Alliance's HQ and kidnap Walleo II. That night, he snuck to the Anti-Weegee Alliance's HQ and kidnaped Walleo II. He brought him to Weegee's factory and he got back to normal. It worked, and now he's back! He and Waweegee have been staying at Boracuubi's house since his went into foreclosure.

Toon Waweegee

Toon Waweegee

Toon Waweegee (fan made)

Toon Waweegee (Alternate Version)


Alternate Waweegee