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The Trolliverse

A Load of Galaxies

Inside the Trolliverse

Not to be confused with the Trolliverse Isles

Not to be confused with The Trollface System

The Trolliverse, sometimes referred to as the Universeor the Meme Universe, is a universe in a dimension parallel to ours. To get to the Trolliverse, one must go 42,1337 times the speed of light in our dimension. The other way to get there is to use a dimensional rift or a portal and hope the destination is here. Being a universe, the Trolliverse is rather large.

Within the Trolliverse

The Trolliverse has many different universes and galaxies within it. Most galaxies are small areas of light, while universe are larger ones. The United 'Gees Galaxy is somewhere in the head. There are millions of galaxies and thousands of universes. Each area contains their own nation with a government, capitol, language and species. However, the Trolliverse itself isn't a nation multiverse, it is just a cluster. It doesn't have a capital cluster, leader or other official stuff that a nation might have. Outside the Trolliverse, there are universes and galaxies too. These ones tend to be larger than clusters inside the Trolliverse. These clusters are called Trolliverse Outskirts Clusters. (TOC) One of the TOCs, the Cluster of Shrooms is where Mushrooms live. Because of the Trolliverse's hugeness, it has lots of gravity. Making the TOCs orbit it. Any cluster that orbits the Trolliverse is a TOC. Sometimes a cluster comes too close to the Trolliverse and gets pulled in. It is now part of the Trolliverse! Eventually, all the TOCs will be pulled in and become part of the Trolliverse.

Largest Clusters inside the Trolliverse

A cluster could be a galaxy or a smaller multiple star cluster of some sorts.

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