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The Agency of Geeman Diversity (abbreviated as AGD) is a radical group of naturally conceived Geemans who wish to rid the United 'Gees Galaxy of flash cloning. The agency is lead by Samaweegee and his P12 Council. They are bitter enemies with T.A.O.M.W.

Rise to Power

Following the emergency election that took place after Weegee's disappearance, the Agency of Geeman Diversity attempted to increase the public's disdain toward Papilee through anti-government propaganda. At first, Gee Agents were constantly denouncing this propaganda, stating that Papilee was a worthy successor of Weegee. However, eventually the Gee Agents could no longer defend him. He became subject to numerous legitimate claims of corruption and was being disparaged for refusing to deal with anarchists, fascists, and other radical political groups from wreaking havoc in the underdeveloped parts of the galaxy. Knowing that it was the time, the A.G.D. assembled a large group of people, including Luigi, and successfully lead a coup d'état against Papilee. He and his co-ruler Secundus Malleo were executed afterwards.

Samaweegee was put into power shortly after the coup, and Kurag Tasuma, an activist against cloning, was made his senior advisor. Taking Kurag's advice to undermine the cloning industry due to its negative effects on the Geeman species' genepool, Samaweegee started placing restrictions on cloning in the United 'Gees Galaxy. The first restriction was that flash cloning would be completely outlawed, the second restriction was that Weegee's genes would be taken away from the public market, and the third restriction was that abortions would be punishable by heavy fines and severe legal penalties.


  1. Abortion is a crime against Geeman kind and should be punished in a dishonorable fashion.
  2. Weegee's reign as ruler of the United 'Gees has limited the genepool of the Geeman race to only his genes.
  3. Flash cloning will lead to the eventual extinction of Geeman kind. This is because healthy and successful births are becoming very rare due to the presence of very common genes.
  4. The Weegee Gods have betrayed Geeman kind by allowing Weegee to rule over his species.
  5. The Geeman leaders of the Trolliverse don't care about the well being of the people.
  6. Weegee clone production must be halted at all costs in order to save Geeman kind.

Identified Members

  • Samaweegee - Leader
  • Kurag Tasuma - Senior advisor

Former Members

  • 360gee - Killed for treachery.