Terrifiregee Domain Map

Map of the Terrifiregee's Domain

Terrifiregee's Domain is one of the lowest accessible planes of GeeHell. Terrifiregee is its emperor and rules over its eight kings, each inhabiting a different corner of the dimension. Few came back from it and, as result, not much is known about the place. It has about 250 million kilometers of extension, though half of it is covered by lakes of magma.


Terrifiregee's Domain was originally supposed to be a prison for all the demons who went against the demon law (hell's hell). Its first prisioner was Terrifiregee, who upon defying his brother's rule (Achilleegee) after the First GeeHell War, was thrown there to rot. Terrifiregee eventually gathered prisioners there and they started to populate the place.

As the domain became more and more powerful, fewer of Achilleegee troops could maintain control over it and then the Second GeeHell War broke out. Terrifireegee eventually emerged victorious and Achilleegee was left with only a single part of hell: Achilleegee Kingdom It is currently ruled by Terrifiregee, who has absolute power over the eight kings who help him to maintain the place.

How To Enter It

In order to access it, one must either die being a horrible person or open a portal through a series of rituals. To open the portal, the stars need to be right and a series of sacrifices must be made. Most of which are from blood, but spiritual sacrifices are also required. At midnight one must chant eight times the Hymn of the Depths and, finally, offer to Terrifiregee a live Fakegee for him to eat. A portal will then be open and you will be directed to Terrifiregee's palace.

Be aware, however, that Terrifiregee will try to deceive you. There are many ways he could do that, such as poisoning your food in the banquet he will give to you, by stabbing you while you're bathing or by killing you while you're sleeping. You won't really die but you will be directed to Torturegee's palace, where your soul will be forever tormented. Because of that, you must escape the palace as soon as you can and be aware that the kings will come after you.

Leaving, however, is much harder.