Snoreegee sleeping

Snoreegee sleeping

Snoreegee is sleeping

~ZZZZ_ZZZZ -Him Sleeping-

Snoreegee is a Weegee clone that loves to sleep, and sleep, and sleep. He loves sleep as much as how Parteegee loves to party. He cannot wake up. His snore can create natural disasters, and once made an earthquake that killed Shingee. He has never woken up, so basically he was born sleeping. He has never given the Weegee Virus because he has never opened his eyes. He is the only Weegee clone never to open their eyes. (In fact, no other Weegee clone has ever closed their eyes either.) If one was to wake up Snoreegee, a terrible apocalypse would occur, destroying the United 'Gees Galaxy and all existance. That is why even Weegee tries to make sure Snoreegee doesn't wake up.  

He didn't really join T.A.O.M.W. Omnieegee just bought him to the base so The Agency of Geeman Diversity or pretty much anybody doesn't wake him up.