Reegee Non

Non Recolour.



Reegee is a very aggressive fakegee. He is almost as angry as Angrygee, almost. He is a traitor to the Fakegees because he joined The Anti-Weegee Alliance. His cousin is Maltroegee, who ended up being his co-worker in The Anti-Weegee Alliance. His brother Is Ralleo. His dad is Rortran.


  • He is called Reegee because of Red and that fact that he is a Weegee.
  • His angriness level is the third on the most angry weegees classification.
  • The day before Kanjoheeo was murdered, Reegee just about put a bullet through his head. Some people think he helped murder him, but this has been proven false.
Toon reegee

Toon Reegee