Pureegee is the most powerful Weegee God ever. It also has been said that he is the most powerful being in the Trolliverse. If any weegee god battles him, he easily destroys them (yes he can destroy the immortal). He can create Fakegees at will and use them at his command. He is one of the first beings ever. He created Chroneegee and Galaxeegee, the guardians of time and space, as well as the United 'Gees Galaxy itself. Later on in his life, he also made Aagee. Pureegee then left the United 'Gees Galaxy and went to the core of the Trolliverse, now known as the Trolliverse Isles, where he now resides. He meant for Aagee to become ruler, but Fortran became instead. Pureegee also has multiple forms, which suit various purposes. He also commands an army known as The Pure Phalanx. He also has another son called Gladiogee, which is not exactly a god, but a demi-god.

Rumors about Creation

There have been many rumors on how Pureegee was created. The truth is no one knows. Apparently, Pureegee existed before existence, but if you ask that to a scientist they'll tell you that anything existing means existence came at the same second. Though it seems like Pureegee created everything, everything came from somewhere.

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