These tips will help users in organizing and adding to their pages.


There is some HTML that allows for custom elements on this wiki. There are three that will be discussed here, since things like tables are generally only used in templates and not on their own.

  • Tabbers
  • Cards
  • Collapsing Text


Tabbers allow for horizontal tabs. They're a way of organizing a page that keeps the vertical height low, while still having a lot of organized and presentable content. Tabbers work in Oasis/Wikia and the Monobook skin. To create a set of tabbers, simply add this:


You can put as many tabs as you want, but be wary that tabs will overlay each other if there is no extra space. Also be warned that infoboxes and other similar things will overlay tabbers and the content (including the headers). This should only be used on larger pages, or for aesthetics on appropriate pages (such as the main page or a blog).

Collapsible Text

Collapsing text can be used to make buttons that hide answers, or as an alternative to tabbers, with the difference being you can have multiple texts expanded at once.

To collapse text, simply input this:

<div class="mw-collapsible">


This will give you text, and a button that can be pressed to collapse or expand the text. There are many customization options:

<div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed">
This text is collapsed by default

This text is collapsed by default

This gives you text that's collapsed by default.

<div class="mw-collapsible" data-expandtext="Illuminate" data-collapsetext="Deluminate">


This changes what the buttons say. You can also combine a bunch of these like so:

<div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" data-expandtext="Show Answers" data-collapsetext="Hide Answers">


Be wary that this doesn't work for mobile users, unless they're using the wikia skin.


For more detailed information, visit Weegeepedia:Templates.

Various templates exist which can serve different purposes. While most templates are there for maintenance, there are some that most users will find useful.

This template allows a use to easily change the color of text. It functions exactly like the HTML method, but it's easier for users to type {{Color|<text here>}} than an entire string of HTML code.


Infoboxes are like a card in the format of a table. They summarize some info for you off to the side, but it displays like a table with headers, separation, and text areas. Pictures can be placed and all the infoboxes are portable.

  • Character Infoboxes

There are a few infoboxes for character use. The following 3 are the same infobox, but the layouts are different. Detailed usage and customization are on the template pages.

Note that these character infoboxes allow for custom header coloring, which can be used to help signify the character it's showing.

  • Other Infoboxes

Other infoboxes exist for various purposes:

These infoboxes are (currently) less customisable.