There are plenty of ways to organize your page. Here we will be covering some examples and some tips for page organization.


Like the one directly above here, headers can be used as a title and a way to show what kind of info is gonna be in this paragraph (or paragraphs). For instance, if you're making a character, you might have a header called "origins". The following paragraph, as the header suggests, would go into the origins of your character.

To put down a header, simply do this:


Smaller Headers

You can also use smaller headers, like the one above. These are also known as "sub headers," and although they don't feature a line, they could be used to go onto partial tangents about the subject of the big header. To make one, simply do this:



Lists sound like the perfect way to easily show info, without the hassle of reading, right? Well wrong. Most lists are stupid and the info within them could easily be put into the text. If you must make a list, do it for the following reasons:

  • You have info that is important and that could be more easily shown in a list
  • You want to summarize what's happened on a page (in the case of longer pages)

Do not make a list if the info can be in the text in the case of shorter pages. We don't need to see a list of all the things your character has done, you could've just told them as paragraphs or sentences on the rest of the page.

If you make a list, please use either Cards (Useful Page Elements for more info), which actually allows you to display a sentence or two and an image, or use bullets like I did. Again, make sure it has a purpose.

If your lists become really long, either try to shorten it/remove it, or use collapsing text (Useful Page Elements for more info) and have it collapsed by default.

Page Length

Using Headers and the lack of using lists can be an easy way to extend page length. Article stubs are not allowed at this point, and so turning a list of what your character did into multiple stories is an easy way to get good page length. Details are KEY.