These are topics that the wiki has too much of, or doesn't want to have on in the first place for specific reasons. Please read carefully.

FNAF Content

There is a huge amount of FNAF content that's Weegeefied, especially all at once. There are two Weegeefied versions of FNAF here. FIve Nights at Freddygee's and Five Nights at AD's. These two versions only have three games, and fourth ones will not be made. Anything more added, such as duplicate characters, other versions, FNAF related character, all will be deleted. The only possible exception is that FNAF mod being worked on (Five Nights at Fortran's), but no promises either way.

MLP Content

MLP Content is kept as low as it can be. While we have a page or two, we do not want more made. If you absolutely want to make one, you may discuss it with the admins. Anything created without our absolute consent will be deleted on site.

Disney Content

This wikia is geting flooded with Disney content. Most users here agree that those articles are totally unnecessary and add absolutely nothing new to the wikia. Anything Disney-related for now will be deleted.

Generic Weegee People

Any Weegee People article that adds absolutely nothing (or little) to the character it is based of will be deleted. Images normally include the character with Weegee eyes and, because of the low effort put into them, they're considered low-quality images.

Undertale Content

Please, don't bring Undertale here. Like, please DON'T.