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Evil Weegee

Maltroegee vs the other guy

Maltroegee is the most evil Fakegee that ever existed. In fact, he is Pure Evil, the highest form of evil. He always has fire in his eyes. He is extremely powerful, and specializes in killing people (obviously). People once thought he was a weird form of Meegee, giving him the name Maltroegee. However, clues show this indicates Malleo, not Meegee.

Some Fakegees who saw the good in people thought Maltroegee just didn't express his true feelings or had some loss or misery at some point. The truth is, Maltroegee and his brother were simply born like this. They come from a long line of Pure Evil Fakegees. Maltroegee became a notable member of The Anti-Weegee Alliance, though he still is aggressive to his colleagues, including his cousin Reegee, who is usually angrier than Maltroegee though not as evil. Maltroegee later had a son named Mauleegee who currently terrorizes all the Fakegees in Lalleo School.

Most Fakegees hate Maltroegee's attitude but they don't do anything about it. It's not just that they're scared of Maltroegee (though they are) but mostly because if Maltroeegee (or anyone in his family) was happy or friendly the entire Trolliverse would blow up, similar to what would happen if Snoreegee woke up.

Sometime after joining the Alliance, Maltroeegee got a "M" on his hat. Before that he had an "L". After his father, Killortran, was killed, he revived his father and became the leader of the Alliance.

During Fakegee War III, Alphaweegee went to Maltroegee's hideout and killed him. This didn't end the war, and Dr. Scientisteegee revived him with a Super Mega Mushroom. But then the League of Weegees and Weegee's Army dropped an Anti-Matter Bomb on The Anti-Weegee Alliance, killing Maltroegee and ending Fakegee War III.

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