King Missingno is the revived form of Luialleo. But when Un Ded revived him he made a mistake and

messed it up. King Missingno also founded the IGUG. A union who strives to conquer and bring peace to the entire galaxy, but they are now part of the Trolliversian Union.


Luialleo was taking one of Cargee's cars out for a test drive after he bought it. Unfortunately, Luialleo was not very good at driving. Luialleo spun and spun out of control and eventually hit Crazygee. It killed Luialleo but it didn't kill Crazygee.

Luialleos dead body was rushed to Un Ded's laboratory where Skelemar tried to revive Luialleo. Unfortunately, Luialleo was already dead upon arrivial, so there was little to no time to put the robot parts in. Skelemar wasn't fast enough, but he still put the parts in. The parts glitched up on the dead body. Twisting it and breaking it, Eventually the only part left of Luialleo was his brain. Skelemar saw what he did, and tried to stop it, but failed, Luialleo, now King Missingno bust out of the lab and contacted the other glitches. They together formed the IGUG. A Army and Union bent on conquering the United 'Gees Galaxy but somehow bringing peace to it. Last Tuesday the IGUG and the Trolliversian Union made a deal. The IGUG would become part of the Trolliversian Union in exchange for protection from the larger armies and unions like the Maliis. The TU agreed to that deal. Making the IGUG a Nation Member of the Trolliversian Union.

There have recently been rumors going about saying that King Missingno is alive and apart of The Agency of Geeman Diversity. If these rumors are true, it's unkown why he would want to join. Though the main theories suggest that King Missingno wanted to split from the Trolliversian Union, and that he's planning to betray The AGD when they take over the Multiverse. (although its unlikely that will happen)