"Oh you have something wrong with my beer? WELL GET THE HELL OUT OF MY BAR!!"


Jerknee is a Weenee that is incredibly rude to everyone he meets. He always seems to get the short end of the stick at life and fails at life miserably. He always seem to have a hatred to pretty much almost everyone he meets. He is a jerk to everyone so basically no one likes him and they always beat him up whenever they see him. He has done many, many illegal activities. Weegee himself hates Jerknee and has sent several assassins to kill Jerknee but he always escapes from them.  He was going to end his life until he found a abandoned bar and considered it his new job as a bartender. He is the only bartender nearby so a lot of Weenees and some depressed fakegees come to his bar for a drink or 10. His best customers is Theuser9 and Highnee with Jeenee coming second. He is a extreme cheapskate and is willing to do anything to gain a extr

This bar of Jerknee is called Jerknee's. It allows all kinds of illegal activities there.

a dollar, even if it kills someone.