Impureegee is the secret opposite of Pureegee. He is sometimes known as his brother. He is the Weegee God of true destruction. He has tried to destroy all life in the Universe, and may attempt it again. He currently resides in the Void of Insanity. He suffers extreme insanity. If he was in the Trolliverse at full power, and his insanity went over the fifth level, this would cause disasters to happen. If his insanity goes beyond 10, the Universe would start ripping holes in the space-time continuum. He is equally as strong as Pureegee.

Locked in a Domain

Long ago, when Impureegee tried to destroy the multiverse, Pureegee and the other Weegee Gods managed to trap him in a void. This void was basically a side effect of the afterlife, a sort of segregated limbo area where he could not escape. In here, his insanity shot up extremely, going far beyond the 10th level. He managed to turn this limbo into the Void of Insanity, and his domain. He is always at full power in this void. He can technically escape to the Trolliverse, but his powers would be crippled there. He is currently not strong enough to break the barrier and reach the afterlife, where he could take souls for his own purposes.


Immortality- He can never die.

Insanity Blast- He can use his insanity to create a lethal energy that can kill a target.

Life Reaver- He can steal the power and the life force of a living organism permanently. (He cannot steal life force from other Weegee Gods and Precursors)

Mark of Insanity- If he can be stable for at least 10 seconds, he can freeze time and give the target the Mark of Insanity, which grants severe insanity. Other than that, the target of the Mark Of Insanity is granted great power, but at an incredible cost.

Insanity Seal- He can lock any living being in the Void of Insanity if he is very, very well focussed. The chances of him ever using this is 1/1,000,000.