Hadeseegee is an evil Fakegee created by Terrifiregee. He serves Terrifiregee by defending Terrifiregee's Domain and killing people. He rules over the south of the domain, though he is constantly wandering the whole place in search for intruders. He is the official guardian of the plane and is normally assisted by other kings. He

Hadeseegee was the second of the Terrifiregee Domain kings to be created, along with his brother Plutogee. Even though he is not as old as Deathgee, he has seen many events unfold on that place and in the Trolliverse in general.

He is one of the wisest of the kings there, only being matched by Deathgee. He also has a three-headed dog, who helps him when he is guarding the place. His palace is a temple and he usually goes there to relax. He hates Plutogee for betraying him and Terrifiregee and plots to one day kill him.


  • Domain Warp: He can warp anywhere in the domain unlimited times, since he is the guardian.
  • Blue Flames: He can spit blue flames, which are even more powerful than normal fire.
  • Beast Form: He can turn into a giant. His trident also becomes bigger.
  • Hellfire Trident: His trident is imbued with the power of hellfire.
  • Hyper Strength: He is extremely strong and can cause quakes by just punching into the ground.