The Great Fakegee Brawl was a conflict that occurred when all of the Fakegees fought each other to become the ruler of the United 'Gees Galaxy



Before the brawl began, Fakegee Union members were complaining about Weegee being the ruler of the United 'Gees Galaxy. This started to get a few other Fakegees attention. Then almost all of the Fakegees were at it saying demanding that they should be the ruler. Eventually this got Weegee's attention and he told everybody that if someone could overthrow him they could be ruler.

Fight for the Throne

At first members of the Fakegee Union teamed up against Weegee. However, they realized that the one who overthrew him would become leader. Unable to share the throne, the Fakegees turned on each other and the union was briefly dissolved. Although there were some casualties, many of the members couldn't imagine killing one another, so they gave up. Oralleo made it to Weegee's mansion, but he gave up after he nearly died defending himself from Weegee's guards. He almost didn't make it out, but Weegee told his guards to stand down after the Fakealleo saved him from being beheaded by Bivigul.

Notable Survivors

Notable Casualties

  • Aeegee
  • Aegee (Revived)
  • Bivigul
  • Yelleow II (Now Toon Yelleow)
  • Zombeegee (Normal Weegee Clone at the time)