One of the several dimensions of GeeHell

GeeHell is basically where are of the bad people who died go. GeeHell is divided into multiple dimensions, which are ruled either by Terrifiregee or Achilleegee. There are a lot of interpretations on how GeeHell looks or how you end down there. The most famous, though, is the one imposed by the Weegee-Pureegian Church, written in the Pureegian Parola.There are theories that Zinceegee is here but nothing confirmed


GeeHell is currently a group of planes, but initially, it was only one. This was changed, however, when the First GeeHell War broke out and Terrifiregee's Domain was created. It became even more separated when the Second GeeHell War broke out, granting independence to Terrifiregee's Domain.


GeeHell has no official "ruler" and, as result, wars are constantly fought between demons. Most people, however, consider Achilleegee as the true ruler of GeeHell, though Terrifiregee isn't a force to be reckoned with. There are three main planes of GeeHell, along with three minor planes:

Main Planes

Minor Planes

Caste System

Despite the differences, the main planes have a similar hierarchy:

  • The Emperor is the highest of the social pyramid. He rules over the kings.
  • The Kings rule over their land. They, however, must obey the emperor.
  • The Knights serve the kings and own some land.
  • The Guards protect villages. They have to obey the knights, though.
  • The Peasants inhabit villages.
  • The Slaves are the lowest of the hierarchy.


Hundreds of years ago, Purgew Geemans mentioned in there language about a place where the eternally dead go if they are vilified by Pureegee and/or his sons. Back then, they called it the Eternally Dead's Sweatshop, as they say that all Geemans who are sent there have to work for the rest of their lives. In 1782, Geemans stole the human term for the underworld and began calling the Eternally Dead's Sweatshop GeeHell.


  • Titantus is the Demi-God guard of GeeHell who makes sure no one escapes from it.