Push start to rich -Fortran

Fortran is the father of Malleo, Weegee's stepdad and grandfather of Samalleo. He is brothers with Ragamiicho. He also married Mariincho's sister, Ulona, and gave birth to Malleo. His daughter in law is Paesh. He also has a mirror-stare clone named 4tren. He is the cousin of Mari.

When he says "Push start to rich he can make an abundance of money out of nowhere. Fortran also has the power to give people seizures. Strangely, he greatly resembles Toon Malleo. His teeth are red by washing them with red paint.

He was the ruler of the United 'Gees Galaxy for a while, and then gave his throne to Weegee and Malleo, so he could start his dream of being a chef.

Eventually, he fell in the Great Amber Vat and became golden and all-powerful. He then sold himself and was never seen again... (see Golden Fortran)

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