Fire Weegee is a form of Weegee that was created when Xalleo tried using Fire Flower on Weegee during the Fakegee War. Xalleo was very inexperienced at Fire Flowerating, and ended up giving Weegee fire powers, turning him into Fire Weegee. That freaked out Weegee for a bit, but then he learned how to switch between forms at will. In this form he can shoot green fireballs from his hands and if you are hit you get the Weegee virus and burns you a bit. To this day, Xalleo has never been caught.


When Weegee got power drained, he could no longer use fire flowers. However, he cannot get turned into one either, and so the state he was left in made it so that when he did use a fire flower, --against Malleo, during their confrontation-- made it so that a disease developed quickly on Weegee called Firephage. Firephage kills the victim, and it's much faster if the victim tries to use a fire flower. Weegee was killed by this, but ended up regenerating thanks to his Dark Angel form.

Ultimate Fire Weegee