EegeeW is a backwards form of Weegee. Instead of the Weegee Virus, he gives out the "eegeeW Virus", which is actually a cure to the Weegee Virus. Unlike him, his brother oellaM says "rewolF eriF", which turns things that are turned into a Fire Flower back to normal. Because of that, he has attracted controversy to the Weegee Pureegist Religion. Once, he got insulted by a Weegee clone and he started the Bikini Bottom Weegee Liberation. He is currently being targeted by Weegee-Pureegists for assassination because of his ability to cure them with the "EegeeW Virus".

Despite this he supports Weegee and is by his side. When Weegee was dethroned and later captured, eegeeW decided to rescue him, as the AGD knew he was the cure but not that he would save Weegee, creating the perfect sneak attack. However, a guard spotted him and he was shot with a neptunium bullet, causing him to pass out from radiation poisoning. Some Fremmlins managed to rescue him before he could be captured, however, and he later joined the A.O.M.W. He was a guide on another rescue mission (as he knew a lot about the AGD) before it was revealed that Weegee had already escaped by himself.


  • He has a stare to turn Fakegee clothes backward.
  • If he somehow gets combined with a Weegee clone, he will be much like Unspecialygee
  • If a Weegee Clone somehow kills him, that Weegee Clone or anyone else infected with the Weegee Virus would turn into a clone of eegeeW.