Old ugly deegee


Deegee was a Fakegee that was in the Fakegee War. He had thousands of clones that all looked barely alike. He also took part in the Chocolate War and is a part of the Shupah Deegee Friends. He later founded the Deegee Corporation, which now is the main source of electricity in the United 'Gees Galaxy, running 43.5% of all of the electricity.

Impurixa Cult Conspiracy

It is a conspiracy that Deegee helped found the Impurixa blood cult. It is a cult that practices in the most secretive facilities of the Deegee Corporation. They "augment" people into cyborgs and indoctrinate them into become worshippers and zealots of Impureegee and his religion. So far though, Deegee has denied all of this, and uses the excuse that his is a Pureegist, so he couldn't worship Impureegee.


Toon Deegee

Toon Deegee.