The Cyber War was a war where the Fakegees fought the Ⅎɐʞǝƃǝǝs, their glitch counterparts. The leaders in the war were Malleo and Weegee against Wɐllǝo and Mǝǝƃǝǝ. The war is still going on and uses the media to gain supporters for each side. Weegee's main defence agenst them is the Cyber Army.


The Cyber War started after Mǝǝƃǝǝ created all the Ⅎɐʞǝƃǝǝs, and he wanted to conquer both the ∩uıʇǝp ,פǝǝs ∩uıʌǝɹsǝ and the United 'Gees Galaxy. The Fakegees objected to this, and so the war began.


  • The Battle of פlıʇɔɥ Ɔıʇʎ (Ⅎɐʞǝƃǝǝ victory)
  • The Second Battle of Weeoming (Fakegee victory)
  • Battle of the Fire Flower Factory (tie)
  • The Great Purge of Pixel Planet (Ⅎɐʞǝƃǝǝ victory)
  • Battle of the United 'Gees Galaxy (still going on)

Fakegees' Strategy

Until this point in time, humans did not know about Weegee, Malleo, or the Fakegees. The Fakegees were losing, and they needed supporters. So Weegee, who knew about the humans, went to Earth and became an internet meme, trying to gain followers. It worked, but nobody knew about the Cyber War.

Founding of the CyberWeegee Wiki

Weegee was now a famous internet meme. He needed people to help him in the Cyber War. Since being a meme clearly wasn't working, he decided to found a Wiki, due to the fact that a Wiki could get many viewers. He created a Wikia account under an alias and named his new Wiki the "CyberWeegee Wiki". The Wiki was intended to gain supporters on the Fakegees' side during the Cyber War. The CyberWeegee Wiki was later renamed The Fakegees Wiki and then again as Weegeepedia, what the site is today. Now Weegeepedia is an open resource all about Weegee, though you can still support the Fakegees here .

The Battle of the United 'Gees Galaxy

The Battle of the United 'Gees Galaxy is the current (and probably last) battle of the Cyber War. It takes place on different areas of the universe and does not have a specific battlefield. If the Ⅎɐʞǝƃǝǝs win this battle, they will claim the United 'Gees Galaxy, and the war will end with their victory. The Fakegees will be destroyed and so will Weegee. Weegee will also disappear from the internet. The Ⅎɐʞǝƃǝǝs are mostly supported by humans who think the Weegee fad is dead. Some haters don't know about the Cyber War, however. .

       The fakegees have won the war finnaly, and all the upside down fakegees have lost and disappeared. Weegee has won!

If the Fakegees win, the war will continue...

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