The Letter Fakegees are Fakegees who have the first letter in their name start with a letter between A-E. They also like to say stuff that starts with the letter their names start with. They are Aeegee, Beegee, Ceegee, and Deegee. Deegee was kicked out of the group because he stopped saying stuff with the letter he started with. After he heard about this, he got mad about this and started the Dgees, which was an Anti-Letter Fakegees group. The Letter Fakegees still had more members though until Eeegee died in the Binary War. Now the sides were even until Deegee created a thousand clones of himself. After this Beegee and Ceegee decided to disband the Letter Fakegees. They have remade and Deegee has returned.

Now, "letter Fakegees" refers to any Fakegee who has their first letter replaced by a different later (or a pair or consanants like KL or PT). 

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