The Bikini Bottom Weegee Liberation was an event started by eegeeW in which all the Fakegees from Bikini Bottom were freed. It all started when eegeeW was insulted by a Weegee clone. He sought revenge by freeing the following:

  1. Spongee
  2. Sqeegee
  3. All Weegee Patties
  4. Moar Krabs
  5. Patreegee
  6. Any other Fakegee from Bikini Bottom

Patrick Star was ecstatic when he saw Spongebob that he cried for a world record breaking 10.9838463 days. Weegee didn't bother coming back, for unknown reasons. During this, there was a war for the formula between the Krusty Krab Army and Plankton's forces. Mr. Krabs ended up winning but violated his contract. The formula was destroyed and replaced with the Weegee Patty Formula.


  • eegeeW confimed the Weegee clone had yellow eyes.
  • It is possible that the Weegee clone was Hypneegee.