Ascensionist Weegee is said to be the final form of Weegee meaning their is no other forms that Weegee has that could surpass this one (besides fusing.) Sadly in order to obtain this form easily, Weegee will have to die (Not by old age), go to Geeheaven, and be revived by someone/something in order to theoretically use it for the rest of his life after he is killed. Once he is brought back to life, it is "possible" to transform into this when fighting a omnipotent god. The harder and non killing way for Weegee to obtain this form is for Weegee to obtain the Ultanium Orb/ or if Pureegee lends some of his power to Weegee.


*Flash Eyes - Similar to how flash grenades work, Weegee can burst out light from his eyes in which he can blind his victims with pure light for a few seconds. The downside is when Weegee uses this his vision will be a bit blur for a few seconds.

*Semi Regen - Weegee will be able to generate his soul easily in seconds but for his physical form/body, it will take a few minutes for it to completely regen.

*His Other Forms - Weegee can use most of his powers from his previous forms except for any dark powers.

Although Weegee is powerful enough to take on omnipotent beings, he still has some limits for who to challenge. Certain Gods that Weegee can rival in this form are Vieegee, Super Sanic God, Lord Deegee, Hyper Saneegee God, and Pureegee


*According to Zeno in Epic Universe Next Generations (Season 3 Episode 5), an Ascensionist is a being who surpasses a god making them ascend to a totally different level. Even though Weegee never got to transform into his Ascensionist form back then, he later on was able to when we see him and the others come out from the Mega Void in Season 4.

Epic Universe- Next Generations - Season 3- Ep

Epic Universe- Next Generations - Season 3- Ep. 5

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