360gee is a Fakegee. He was created after a Weegee Clone, who was angry at the fact his fat Xbox 360 got a red ring of death, tried fusing with it to solve the problem. This did nothing aside from turn him into a Fakegee. He got a new Xbox 360 and became addicted. Slowly he grew stronger and eventually became 90% Xbox 360.

He was initially friends with Samaweegee due to him also being an Xbox fanboy, and was one of the founding members of the AGD. However, after seeing the true intentions of the AGD, he began to conspire with T.A.O.M.W. This caught the attention of Samaweegee and he sent Agenteegee to kill him in his sleep. It worked.

After his murder, any mentions of him were erased from propaganda and other AGD material. Many wondered what happened to him afterwards, until a leak by T.A.O.M.W spread on the deep web regarding his assassination. Considering that many Geemen and Fakegees used the deep web to secretly communicate, it spread like wildfire.

Powers And Abilities

360gee's only unique ability was Red Ring. It fired a laser that looked like 3/4 of a circle that would knock enemies right out.

Of course, he also had Standard Fakegee Powers.


  • His gender is Xbox 360, as was shown on his driver's licence.
  • He liked Indexgee.